Air Zoo Informative Speech

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Attention Getter: Are you looking for the perfect place to go with your family and friends to have fun? If so, could you imagine that place being worth the time and money? What if it was really close to where you are currently?
Thesis Statement: From airplanes to an amusement park, the Air Zoo is known nationwide for creating truly immersive experiences for people of all ages.
Importance of Topic: Being a college student can often be a fatiguing experience at times and that’s why the Kalamazoo Air Zoo is a great place where you can relieve everyday stresses. I’m astounded by what I have seen when visiting the unique atmosphere of the Air Zoo and have been intrigued by what I have learned while researching online. IV. Preview
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Expansion of the museum progressed in 1994 with the movement of restoration center and aircraft to a larger building.

Transition: Now that we’ve discussed some history about the Air Zoo, let’s talk about more additions made in the 2000’s.

III. There have since been many additions made to the museum in recent years.
According to Terry Turner from The Sioux City Journal, in 2004, “the Air Zoo opened a new 120,000 square-foot facility containing 360-degree full-motion flight simulators, a 4D theater, indoor amusement park rides, a 3D space shuttle ride to the International Space Station, traveling exhibits from the Smithsonian Institution and, surrounding the display area, an indoor mural.”
And in 2011, they kept popping out new and impressive exhibits containing a new Century of Flight Ferris Wheel, a golf course, a Paratrooper Jump and also the flight simulation Corsair Challenge, according to Crystal Vander Weit of
There are many other exciting things to do in the Air Zoo like just relaxing and eating with your company, observing the museum, or having a great time with the simulations.
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