Aircraft Maintenance: Tool Control and Accountability

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Tool Control & Accountability In a quick definition tool control is a method to quickly determine that all tools are accounted for at the end of a maintenance task or peeriod. This can only be done if each tool has a specific place where it is stored that allows for quick identification if the tool is missing. With the Tool Control Program process, this will also help reduce the potential FOD (Foreign Object Debris/Damage) around the work area and gear in work or even gear that is stored in the nearby location. Tool control is a very important program in regards to major work places where taking care of tools and watching where they are set and left at could cause a hazard in Critical or Sensitive work zones “The primary objective of the tool control program is to improve flight safety by eliminating aircraft accidents, incidents, and associated equipment damage caused by lost or misplaced tools. Secondary objectives include the reduction of expenditures for additional outfitting and replacement of missing, defective, or pilfered tools; the reduction of man-hours for maintenance task completion; and a general improvement in the quality of aviation maintenance.” Quoted from In order to help prevent tools from being lost and misplaced there should be a tool log out sheet with the minimum of the name of the user using the tool, the nomenclature of the tool, time of the tool was taken out of the tool box and supervisors signature to verify the tool being
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