Airline Reservation System - Paper

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Contents Introduction 1 Purpose 1 The Discussion 2 The FDD diagram (functional decomposition diagram) 3 The Pseudo code 5 The implementation of the code 7 Conclusion 12 Recommendations 12 Appendix 14 References 15 Introduction This report will be based on a program that was created for an airline company. The program will be designed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. The airline company had stated that they required a program that allows users to book seats upon their ten seat plane. The plane is divided into two classes, first and economy class. Both of these classes hold five passengers each. First class is designed as seats 1-5 and Economy class is seats 6-10. The main objective originally was for the program…show more content…
Another specification to take into account was to inform the user if a seat is taken or available. This program achieves this specification; if a user has booked a seat, and then goes back to enter the same seat again the program will prompt the user informing them that this seat is taken. The FDD diagram (functional decomposition diagram) It is a good practice for most programmers to create a functional decomposition diagram. A functional decomposition diagram (FDD), is a diagram that programmers must be created before writing the program. This diagram is a way for the programmer to write down how they want their program to function, the process of each step of the program. As a beginner programmer, the below FDD below is a diagram that was created at the very start, but after updates to the program the coding and the diagram itself has changed over time. This is because certain processes where decided to be changed from one to another. An example of this is, at the very start of the creation of the program there were no functions; the program itself was just a gigantic loop. But with the help of the FDD, the programming functions within the program made the process of implementing it very easy. else cout > positionint; if(positionint < 1 || positionint > 5) {
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