Airport Checkpoints Research Paper

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Assignment #2 TSA Checkpoints The actions taken by TSA at their airport checkpoints can be categorized as both a pat down or a search depending on whom you are speaking to, but personally I feel it’s more of a search that is unnecessary to begin with; well at least to the extent they bring it to. I say this because in some instances more than often they are violating people’s constitutional rights to not be searched in a public place for everyone to see. These searches should be done in private if TSA feels there is a threat of them bringing contraband onto the plane, and I agree with the judge in the video that it is an example and act of slavery on TSA’s part to be doing what they did to the gentleman who had an artificial knee. I do believe that the searches are supported by the 4th amendment and probable cause to a certain extent as long there is proof of probable cause for said search, although TSA has been known to take things too far like unzipping a man’s pants to look to see if he was hiding something (YouTube, 2010). My curiosity tells me this “how can an organization that is part of homeland security get away with over doing and stepping …show more content…

This is so they don’t feel any embarrassment and their human dignity is still intact. Even with as intrusive invasive these searches can be done, I think they protect us from possible terror attacks happening up in the air; yes, I do, but there has to be a line that has to be drawn and people’s constitutional rights should not have to be sacrificed for their safety while traveling in the air to

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