Albatross Play Analysis

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In the play Albatross, solely performed by Benjamin Evett there were a lot of moments in the play that were really powerful and stuck out to me. One in particular is when the actor started talking about the symptoms and experiences of dying from dehydration. The way he described it and the body language that he portrayed on stage really put the situation into perspective. T also made the horrors from it seem that much more real. Dying of dehydration is luckily something I have never experienced and when he talked about the changing color of urine I kept thinking how bad it must have been. To take it even further he then described to the audience that in order to survive he had to drink his own urine. I noticed that at this point in the audience there were many people who squirmed. Especially when he talked of having to drink the dark brown urine once it had gotten to the point where he was getting closer and closer to what he thought would be death. Another part of the same scene I found significant is when his body was so dehydrated that his eyes no longer had moisture in them. He talked about how each time his eyes would close and he would try to open them it was as if his skin was being ripped open.

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The colors used on the stage were different than what I expected. For example, the bright blues used to talk about the sea and the bright oranges and reds used to express the fire. All the different elements that were used throughout the play worked really nicely together because they were somewhat relatable in how they were presented to the audience. The play was a little hard for me to be able to relate to overall. I have been fortunate to have had to go through certain things the character of the people that knew the character in the story have had to

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