Albert Bandura 's Theory Of Social Learning

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Albert Bandura 's (1986) theory of social learning emphasizes the role of learning by observing and imitating models and allows us to understand aggression. Bandura identified four steps by which this learning occurs: “the first is simply that a particular type of behavior of a model catches our attention. Second, we store a mental image of such behavior in memory. Thirdly, a particular kind of situation leads us to convert that memorized behavior into action; And finally, if the behavior is reinforced, it becomes part of our repertoire”. (Bandura 1986) p.198).
Thus, for example, observation of a child of an adult exhibiting aggressive behaviors may lead to repetition and subsequent incorporation of the same type of behavior. Models may
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The presence of people who may be viewed as weak, who are incapable of responding to or accepting in some way the aggression, may favor it becoming the object towards which aggressive or violent behavior is directed. Violence means an extreme form of interpersonal aggression. It means the direct expression of aggression towards another person, with the intention of being damaged. Sometimes intentionality may not be so obvious (unconscious), but it is there, and it is what differentiates a violent situation from an accidental one.
Domestic violence against women
According to the terms of reference, "Domestic violence against women encompasses three types of violence: physical, psychological and sexual. If a woman suffers at least one of them, and if the aggression comes from her partner, that woman is a victim of domestic violence. "(Heise L, Ellsberg M, Gottemoeller M. E. 1999). This definition restricts our subject, in fact, to the violence that occurs between the members of the heterosexual couple and, specifically, the aggressions directed by the husband to the woman. The relationship that does not necessarily involve a marriage bond, but includes consensual relationships. Violence can be physical, psychological or sexual. We will understand as physical violence, any action destined to cause physical injury or pain to another person.
As psychological violence, that means any action or
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