Alberta Tar Sands Sustainability Report

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Alberta Tar Sands Sustainability Report
Tar sands are a combination of clay, sand, water, and bitumen. As a type of unconventional petroleum deposit, tar sands are found in many places worldwide, the largest deposits are found in Alberta, Canada. The Alberta tar sand deposits contain more than 70.8% of the world 's reserves of natural bitumen which representing 40% of the world’s combined extra-heavy crude oil and crude bitumen reserves. It is the only bitumen deposits that are economically recoverable for conversion to synthetic crude oil at the price range of $25-$35 per barrel. Although substantial amount of the world 's oil is in the form of tar sands, it is not all recoverable. Study shows that the world’s total natural
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Resource Use:
Grade: F
First of all, the mining of bitumen burns enough natural gas every day that can heat 6 million homes. It takes more than 3 million barrels of fresh water a day to produce 1 billion barrels of bitumen, 2 tons of earth excavation and sand to make 1 barrel of bitumen, about 2 tons of tar sands are required to produce 1barrel of oil and then 90% of the polluted water are dumped in the world’s largest impoundments of toxic waste which are the tailing pounds along the Athabasca River. If tar sands growth goes unchecked an area the size of Florida will become a wasteland. A single incident, in 2008, 1,600 ducks died after landing in the tailing pounds of syncrude tar sands mine. It is not only destructive to ancestral lands, habitat, both on land and water but also causes enormous GHG emissions. Data shows that oil sands are Canada’s largest source of CO2 emissions.
That being said, the development of tar sand oil will never be sustainable.
Grade: D
The tar sand oil project mostly benefits the pipeline transport companies like Keystone and Enbridge. Even though the project does create job for the natives and locals, but the benefit to the people will never be even close to the social environmental cost that they put in, that Canadians put in.
Grade: F
The government has surrendered the fate of this resource-rich country to

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