Albinism In Africa

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Albinism in Africa
Dismembered, attacked, kidnapped, and killed—these are horrific issues the average citizen would not even think of happening to them. However there is a group of people in Africa that live in fear of these violations. People living with albinism, a hereditary disorder where skin, hair, and eyes have no pigment, are having their basic rights being taken away from misconceptions of others. Inhumane attacks on albinos in Africa, caused by cultural myths and superstitions are being combatted by new laws.
A big problem facing people living with albinism are the attacks on them by people. First, albinos are facing the increase of these attacks all over Africa, especially in the Lake Zone which includes parts of Tanzania. Evidence of this idea is the statement people living with albinism are living through terror from the swiftly growing business in selling their body parts in Africa. This example proves that people are
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People living with albinism have been prohibited…. Evidence of this idea is the statement, people living with albinism are not allowed to have an education, a job, or even marriage. They can't touch anything the same as other people can, because of fear that they'll catch the condition. People with albinism have been buried at other places, and have had their graves dug up and desecrated. For example, people with albinism have been murdered, dismembered, and mistreated for multiple years now. Albinos have dealt with mistreatment and discrimination for years. (Need paraphrase) Albino's have dealt with mistreatment and discrimination for years. "We have faced discrimination for years, our situation is now more dangerous. We are being killed for our body parts by witchdoctors who wrongfully believe we can be used to create wealth. We have lodged complaints to police but they ignore us and often release those who wrong us," society leader and nominated MP Isaac Mwaura
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