Essay about Alcohol: A Double Edge Sword

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Alcohol is historically one of the oldest known drugs to mankind. It is ingested orally and comes in many varieties. It is attractively packaged in alluring bottles and cans; which can seduce the unsuspecting individual and lead to a life of unrelenting misery, imbued with a potentially ruinous outcome. Taken in moderation; however, alcohol can also be used to prevent disease processes and promote health. This particular drug is both legal and is promoted widely throughout the planet. I chose this drug because I have personally been privy to all of its insidious effects. Alcohol comes in many forms, but primarily it is beer, wine and distilled spirits. Maisto, Galizio & Conners (2011) point out that, “the first non-distilled (sic) …show more content…

Furthermore, religious rites commonly use these beverages in the practice of faith (Katsigris &Thomas, 2007). From early Roman beliefs to current day Christianity, wine has been a staple in ceremonial rites (Katsigris &Thomas, 2007). According to Dasgupta (2011), “nearly half of all Americans consume alcohol…there are 10 to 16 million problem drinkers” (p. 11). Additionally, this number includes 4.5 million adolescent drinkers that abuse this drug (Dasgupta, 2011). This leads one to conclude that the potential for exploitation and addiction is quite high. Since alcohol is a legal, over the counter drug, its easily obtained and abused. As stated previously, alcohol is legal. It is available for purchase at the age of 21 in the United States, making this the most widely abused and used drug in the world (Dasgupta, 2011). “Since the liver can only metabolize approximately on drink per hour, consuming more than that naturally increases the amount of alcohol in the blood stream” (Katsigris &Thomas, 2007). It is advised that no more than one alcoholic drink be ingested per hour; however, the most prudent advice is eat, sip your cocktail and drink water or a soft drink every other hour in place of the alcohol. The neural response to alcohol can be quite debilitating, causing impairment of motor functions, speech and even vision. When alcohol enters the CNS, it activates GABA, attaches to GABA receptors and then

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