Alcohol As A Alcoholic Beverage

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Alcoholic drinks play a crucial social role in most cultures. An alcoholic beverage is a drink which contains a significant amount of the psychoactive drug ethanol which is informally called alcohol. [Wikipedia] Most countries implement laws regulating alcoholic drinks production, sale and consumption because of their potential for abuse which may cause physical dependence and increase their risk of alcohol-related harm. [1] ["Minimum Age Limits Worldwide". International Center for Alcohol Policies. Retrieved 2009-09-20.] In Australian society, alcohol has many roles. Many Australians take alcohol mostly for relaxation, enjoyment and for social reasons, and generally they consume alcohol at levels that cause few adverse effects. However, a significant proportion of Australians take alcohol at levels that cause adverse effects. In many countries, Australia inclusive, disease, injury and a considerable burden of death is attributed to alcohol. Families and the broader community are also affected by alcohol-related harm. Some other reasons for taking alcohol include to enhance creativity, to overcome inhibitions, boredom, habit. (2) [] The most common cause of drug related deaths in the Australian teenage population has been found to be alcohol. Misuse of alcohol in this age group has been linked to binge drinking, drink driving and unsafe sex. 'Booze ' is the common term used for alcohol by
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