Alcohol Consumption Among College Students

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Alcohol consumption is an important social concern for many people. This study opted to analyze how gender affects the level of alcohol consumption among college students. After conducting a survey with 30 participants, the results proved that H1 hypothesis “Gender significantly affects the level of alcohol consumption” was validated with a p-value of 0.026. Additionally, H2 hypothesis “Men significantly consume more alcohol than women do” was also validated with a mean of 2.4 in terms of consumption. H3 hypothesis “Women significantly consume more alcohol than men do” was nullified because of the average mean being only 1.27. The p-value of significance provided insight on the level of alcohol consumption, further solidifying the claim. It can be therefore concluded that gender played an important role as a determiner of the impact on level of alcohol consumption and men tend to consume more alcohol. The data are backed up by recent studies and similar assumptions and conclusions.

Introduction Alcohol consumption among college students is steadily increasing due to the nature of the environment inducing such behavior to alleviate stress, as a form of recreation, or a means of establishing a lifestyle. According to Randolph et al. (2009), the frequency of alcohol consumption is bound to increase in the decade because of observed behavior and peer pressure. Additionally, according to Ceylan-Isik, McBride, and Ren (2010), alcohol consumption resulting in

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