Alcohol Drinkers Essay

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The Five Types of Drinkers in America Today It seems as though the number of Americans picking up drinking has increased through out the years. It use to be you hardly heard of people drinking. If they did it did not in volve as much alcohol as Americas drink now. Today in America there are five different types of alcohol drinkers which are: The Social Drinker, The Irresponsible Drinker, The Binge drinker,
The Under aged drinker and The flat out Alcoholic.
The Social Drinkers are ones who only drink on special occasions for relaxation. They drink amongst friends and drink slowly to be able to enjoy their company. They will invite friends over to sit and have conversations or to just watch a football game while drinking a …show more content…

It becomes worse with the more alcohol they consume. Some of your under aged drinkers are also referred to as binge drinkers, which is our next topic.
The Binge Drinker will go extended periods of time without drinking, but then they have periods of time with extreme or excessive drinking. They tend to think that they deserve to drink a massive amount of alcohol, because they have been without a certain period of time. Binge drinkers are a danger to themselves, because most do not realize they have a problem. Others just do not want to accept that they have a problem. Drinking excessive amounts like they do can lead to: Alcohol poisoning, uncontrollable mood swings, addiction and even death. Most binge drinkers do not realize these important factors when they binge until it’s too late. It can also be very expensive for a binge drinker to drink the way they do.
Finally, we have the Alcohol. This type of person has usually started drinking at an early age and has went through being the problem drinker and some have just started out by binge drinking. They have become irresponsible and not been able to control their drinking habits.
Most of them have become dependent on the drink, thinking they have to have it to deal with their problems. They believe if they drink enough their problem will either go away or they just won’t have to deal with it anymore. All that happens when they drink to try and make the prob lem go

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