Alcohol Is Not A Safe Drug

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Within the United States there are many restrictions and laws regarding drug usage and which drugs are legal. Many individuals are for the usage of drugs and others are not. A specific drug that has been used since man walked the earth is alcohol. Although alcohol is legal and is the most widely used drug in the world, like any other drug it has its negative effects. Despite the vast majority of negative effects it has, it is still considered legal to individuals over the age of 21. Throughout this paper I will focus on the true issues of alcohol consumption and provide many examples that illustrate why alcohol is not a safe drug even if it is legal and provide theories that will better explain alcohol consumption.
Alcohol has been through many different stages throughout history. Although many scientists have stated alcohol has been used since prehistoric times alcohol consumption began being traced in 1790. During 1790 to 1919 the sale of alcohol was legal. During this time period also known as the “colonial times” an abundance of alcohol was consumed by almost everyone. The consumption of alcohol was a natural part of life. During the seventeenth and eighteenth century drinking occurred everywhere including; mealtime, work, political events, even the army troops received alcohol (Lender and Martin, 1987). In 1790 the alcohol consumption for people 15 and older was at 5.8 gallons of alcohol per year and continued to rise in 1800 to 7.1 gallons in 1830. It was discovered…

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