Alcohol Is The Number One Drug Used By College Students

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According to research and statistics, alcohol is the number one drug used by college students. Most individuals do not label alcohol as a drug due to the way it is consumed, but when considering the negative side effects that accompany alcohol, the comparison of alcohol to drugs may not be that far of a stretch. Alcohol can not only be harmful to an individual’s external health but also their internal health as well. Consumption of alcohol over a long period of time may result in negative side effects to your heart, liver, pancreas, immune system, and ultimately if enough is consumed may result in cancer. This addicting, yet dangerous drug is best known for its ability to relax the body, reduce tension, and ultimately place the body into a temporary state of leisure. Although alcohol seems to unwind the body from all of life’s stress, all of the outcomes of alcoholism should be considered before consumption. When bearing in mind the well-being and performance of an athlete, alcohol should not be included in the daily diet of an athlete expecting to participate in intense training or compete in a competition. Alcohol has damaging effects on the liver, which will adversely affect the metabolism and slow down the reaction time of the nervous system. Alcoholism can not only affect the performance of an athlete but may also harm the overall health of an athlete.
Excessive alcohol use among college students is widely recognized as a serious public health problem in the United…
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