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Alcohol Alcohol has been around for ages, but only relatively recently has become a recognized problem in society. Its negative effects on the body and its impact on the mind has caused the drug to be associated with such crimes as rape, murder, and other violence. Concerns with alcoholism and drunk driving are on the rise, and underage drinking rates are soaring. Whether for the better or for the worse, alcohol is a driving factor in America's economy and society, which makes it very important that everyone is educated about this drug. Since alcohol is a legal drug, it is one of the most widely used and most accepted drugs available. Whether used for social reasons, as an answer to problems, or as a casual everyday drink, its use is …show more content…
Other teens use drinking as a way to get away from their problems at home or at school and find that when they're drunk, they can just forget about everything else. Obviously, this drug is very heavily used as well as accepted among not only the adults, but by the teens of today's society and plays a large role in the lives and attitudes of this impressionable age group. The invincibility that many feel towards alcohol, however, may not be such a good thing. While perhaps a few drinks may allow one to feel more socially accepted or detach themselves from a problem, it can cause serious health effects on not only the drinker, but on innocent victims as well. The problems are many and the price is high for those who choose to drink irresponsibly. At the most basic level are the damage that alcohol can do to the liver, causing health problems like Cirrhosis or even cancer later in life. Too much drinking can result in alcohol poisoning, and possibly even death. When alcohol is drank with many prescription or over the counter drugs, the combination can result in various serious health consequences. FAS, or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, can cause the baby of a drinker to be born with severe physical or mental handicaps, inflicting the innocent baby with terrifying results. Damage can be caused to the mind as well as to the body-- alcoholism is one of America's major problems. This
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