Alcohol : Substance Use And Abuse

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Understanding the Effects

By: Shellie Massey
Northern Kentucky University
Social Work 525
Substance Use & Abuse
Larry Wells


I. What is Alcohol
Alcohol is a colorless unstable and combustible liquid that is contained in wine, beer, spirits, such as vodka, gin, whiskey. Alcohol contains ethyl alcohol, or ethanol this is the intoxicating ingredient in alcohol. The production of alcohol is prepared by what is called “fermentation.” The components needed mostly for the fermentation of alcohol is yeast, sugars, and starches. Fermentation is a form of combustion, which breakdowns of carbohydrates into alcohol and carbon dioxide (UNLV). During the process of fermentation, simple sugars are broken down via a number of steps and form into ethanol and carbon dioxide (UNLV). When the yeast in the fermentation process reaches a certain percentage level 15%, the fermentation end when the yeast dies (Hart, Ksir, 2015).Alcohol is considered a depressant for the central nervous system. Alcohol is quickly absorbed into the stomach and the small intestine, then into the blood stream (National Institute on Drug Abuse). The effects of alcohol on a person can be vast. Alcohol affects every organ of a person that drinks alcohol. Alcohol and intoxication of impairs the brain from functions impairs a person’s motor skills. There has been researching on how alcohol affects an individual’s level of risk taking. By doing a double-blind assessment of participants,

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