Alcoholism And Alcohol And Alcoholic Products Essay

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Alcoholism is defined as the addiction of an individual to alcohol and alcoholic products. It affects the individual’s health, personal relationships, and social life. In medical terms, it is considered as highly chronic, psychiatric disease which damages almost every organ in the body. Individual who remains preoccupied with alcohol is called as an alcoholic. It is the major problem in New Zealand.
The excessive use of alcohol puts various effects on the nation. These effects are on the health of an individual, affecting his whanau, persons of all ages and consequently the whole nation

Alcoholism in New Zealand:

According to data collected by Ministry of Health and Health Promotion Agency, New Zealand, it is proved that kiwis are facing a huge problem of alcoholism which is affecting them at physical, mental, economic and social level. There are various statistics available for New Zealand:

• In 2009, a study was conducted according to standards set by WHO, which revealed that harmful alcohol use costs New Zealand $4.9 billion in 2005/06 (Berl 2009).
• Average, 600 - 800 people in New Zealand have been assessed to die each year from alcohol-related reasons (Berl 2009; Connor et al, 2013).
• In New Zealand, a 52% male died due to alcohol and 25% of females deaths are caused due to injuries by accidents due to alcohol. (Connor et al, 2013).
• In New Zealand, problems caused due to alcohol constitute 3.9% of the whole problems nationwide. (Ministry of
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