Alcoholism And Their Effects On Alcoholism Essay

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Millions of people every year are affected by alcoholism. Both those suffering from alcoholism, and their family members. Out of the millions effected, only a fraction of them seek help in taking control of their addiction. There are many similarities between individual cases of alcoholism, and countless resources to help those who wish to stop drinking, and rekindle their relationships with their families.
In 2014 in the United States 87.6% of people age 18 and older have reported drinking at some point in their lifetime. 24.7% of these people reported binge drinking within the past month, and 6.7% heavily drank in the past month.Overall 10.6 million men and 5.7 million women were reported to have an alcohol use disorder. Out of these 16.3 million individuals only 1.5 million actually received treatment for their disorders. That means only 9% of the people with an alcohol use disorder actually received professional help in 2014. (Alcohol Facts and Statistics)
The following interview was conducted in an attempt to learn firsthand the effects that alcoholism has on other members of the family unit. The Individual interviewed is a 21 year old Female.
Interviewer: “It is my understanding that someone in your family has been struggling with alcoholism, is this correct?”
Respondent: “Yes, My father has been effected by alcoholism since before I was born, and continues to struggle with it today.”
Interviewer: “How would you describe your relationship

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