Aldi Is The World 's Biggest Discount Store Operator

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“ ALDI is the world’s biggest discount store operator by sales,” (Thomasson, 2014). While ALDI is a major player in the grocery market today the company started with modest beginnings. The Albrecht family founded the small food store ALDI in Germany in 1914, (History, n.d.). The word ALDI was “coined from the word Albrecht, the surname of the brothers who founded the enterprise and the word discount,”(Loeb, 2015). The ALDI Corporation is split into two divisions ALDI South which operates many of the traditional ALDI stores and ALDI North that operate Trader Joe’s supermarkets, (Loeb, 2015). ALDI made their debut in the U.S. in 1976 in Southeaster, Iowa and gradually expanded, (Loeb, 2015). Overall, the company operates 9,600 stores between Europe, the United States and Australia. ALDI is praised for their low prices and efficient business model; the mission directly reflects their values, “ At ALDI, we believe that great quality shouldn’t come at a high price; rather, great quality should come with everyday low prices,” (About ALDI USA, n.d.). While ALDI appeals to any consumer looking to save money, “the chain primarily targets 25-to-45 year old mom plus anyone looking for a deal,” (Patton, 2015). ALDI reaches the target consumer with everyday low prices; organized bare bones store layouts, and no need to mess with couponing or rewards programs. There is a misconception that because ALDI’s offers low-prices that their consumers must be low income. However, according to
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