Aldous Huxley Brave New World Analysis

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My task is about “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley (1932). I choose a newspaper article because I want to inform people about how this society in England was, and the plans of the director to create an ideal society or a utopia. In the newspaper article, I use a third-person language with a medium formal structure because it not uses technical words and not present a difficult level of understanding. It is addressed to all European citizens because they are in the same continent and they must know about how the society in London is changing with these methods of the director to create clones by an unethical way and could be seen in a bad form in other people´s perspective. My article focus on how these factories and the machines work and to show to people how the society in London …show more content…

People that are born in the factory have several training when they are very young. Delta groups are tortured and have painful treats. Boys got to a nursery where Delta groups are reprogrammed to disgust books and flowers. Furthermore, in the factory, the director uses a drug called “Soma”, which makes these people forgot all the work and make them live in a slavery of happiness. How are this groups classified? There are different types of groups: Alpha, Beta, Delta and Epsilon, this groups have particular characteristics, Alphas are considered as the best for the reason that they are strong, intelligent and tall, nevertheless, Epsilons are dumb and weak. When the clones are being created, the factory uses different substances and quantities of oxygen because if something fails it would cause several damages. The plans for the

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