Frank Zappa Influence

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“Art is making something out of nothing and selling it.” - Frank Zappa. Frank Vincent Zappa was born December 21, 1940. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland and famously known for being a Music Producer, Director, Songwriter and most importantly, a Guitarist. His father was a mathematician and a chemist which cause the family to always be moving into new homes frequently, Zappa was all over the place as a child. His father always inspired him to get into the same work and when Zappa was young he always attempted to make new gadgets and become an inventor, but that shortly turned into the build up of his music. When Zappa was in this phase of invention he and his father we’re always exposed to chemicals that may have affected his health, the…show more content…
There was many mixes of diverse and social types of people Zappa met throughout the at time which influenced him culturally and moved him on and through being a practitioner of underground music, which he really enjoyed playing. Zappa was influenced economically at a young age, his parents weren't the poorest, but they weren't the richest either, Zappa’s father being a chemist and mathematician brought decent money in and gave them the capability to move into new homes as much as they did. This is big for Zappa because if it wasn't for his parents he could have missed out on a big deal of influential moments during his life. Frank Zappa is the most serious, yet confusing man in this world with never ending influencing words and quotes, he has achieved many great thing such as Grammy Best Rock Instrumental, Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, and Grammy Award for Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package. There is so many things about Frank Zappa that have inspired or touched others and there is just so much that inspired Frank Zappa himself and there is just so much more! To start off, Frank Zappa’s life economically, mainly before he became famous. Zappa was born into a family as the…show more content…
Frank Zappa grew up with Christian parents in a family with Christian ways, as a child he had to go to church and as he grew older Zappa’s opinion grew about his look on Christianity. Frank Zappa began to look more into the Christian religion and was almost disgusted and disappointed by everything he learned. Frank Zappa was so into reading, he would read as much as he could whenever he can and even has a famous quote saying, “If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to a library.” But as I was saying he looked into Christianity and didn’t agree with it, he didn’t like it. He soon named himself as an atheist, because he had his freedom of opinion and that is what he thought. Though, Zappa did have kind things to say about religion and Christianity and it is even shown in his music but his hate for the Christian religion rooted off from the belief on how religion is “anti-intellectual and it promotes ignorance.” Frank Zappa is not a fan of religious leaders either, he doesn’t agree with the wealth they gain from the collections of their followers and doesn’t agree with those who use religion to influence political change. Frank Zappa didn’t care for religion but he was inspired by so many things and led him to belief of things such as freedom of speech, political participation and also the abolition of censorship, he
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