Alejandro Inarritu 's Mexican Thriller, Amores Perros Essay

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“Fuck, he’s bleeding to death!” (1:26) screams Jorge. Octavio accelerates on the gas even harder. Octavio aggressively swerves through the congestion of cars. Octavio looks back and sees the Dodge Ram directly behind their beater car. The man in the passenger seat of the Dodge pulls out a gun and fires. Nervously, Octavio and Jorge duck. A school bus suddenly pulls up in front of their car. Breaking abruptly, the bloody dog tumbles to the base of the car, and Octavio is able to flee the scene. The Dodge is nowhere in sight. Octavio and Jorge shriek with excitement. They run a red light. Another car suddenly appears from a corner, striking the two by surprise; and violently crashes into the side of their car, initiating a brutal collision of destruction, flames, and blood–a great deal of blood. The striking collision opens the scene to Alejandro Inarritu’s Mexican thriller, Amores Perros (2000). This crash presents the link to three unrelated narratives that are symbolically tied together by the chaotic lifestyle of the modern day metropolis of Mexico City. Amores Perros is an enthralling film that captures the socio- political themes regarding economic instability, social- class, and gender in contemporary Mexico City. Mexico City throughout the twentieth century was undergoing major urbanization (Connolly). As a result, the overwhelming influx of new inhabitants brought about economic chaos due to overpopulation, political disorder, and a distinct social- class stratum
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