Alex Is A Victim Of The Choices

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Alex was a happy, well-adjusted child until his parents separated which triggered a storm of changes in his life changing him from a well-adjusted child to a trouble maker. According to Mr. Williams, Alex’s teacher, Alex is the problem. In reality, Alex is a victim of the choices made by the adults in his life. He is reacting the best way he knows how to a situation forced upon. He didn’t choose for his Dad to have an affair, for his parents to separate, or to have his Mom go back to work fulltime and then get sick. It wasn’t his choice to discontinue music lessons, sports, family trips, or having friends over. For Alex, this has been a huge disruption over which he has no control. He has become apathetic and sullen. His aggressive …show more content…

I will discuss the conflict from the perspective of Alex and Mr. Williams. The two main characters in the conflict at school. Alex most likely doesn’t fully understand why his behavior is changing. He probably feels confused, frustrated, and angry about all the changes that have occurred in his life. He may blame himself for his father leaving or his mother becoming ill. Alex yells, “Sometimes I feel like throwing my chair at you,” not to be a threat to Mr. Williams, but to express his angry feelings about life. When Alex and his friend get into an argument there isn’t any physical violence.
Mr. Williams perspective is that Alex is an aggressive child who is being disruptive. Mr. Williams is already irritated because he is teaching an age level in which he is not comfortable. In California, most teachers are trained in either elementary or secondary education so the fact that his teacher is switching from a secondary grade level to an elementary grade level is unusual. He may not have been trained in teaching elementary age children. Mr. Williams believes that Alex’s problem should be solved through discipline rather than discovering what is going on in Alex’s life. I don’t agree with anything Mr. Williams does to handle the situation with Alex, except when he recommends Alex to the school psychologist. Hopefully the psychologist isn’t too over worked and can take the time to look at Alex from a biopsychosocial perspective and find him the help that he needs.
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