Human Over Use of Water

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I. INTRODUCTION. Day after day, increasing amounts of water consumption among all citizens for drinking, washing and bathing, swimming and other necessary daily uses. God has encouraged us to keep this blessing and not wasting it. The water consumption is vital topic which concerns the international public opinion. We need to work on changing the patterns and habits of everyday consumer. Hundreds of millions people do not have enough water because of wasting water. The water was still a source of conflicts and ambitions between nations despite international agreements signed. This report will discuss problems of human over use of water & it will give solutions to these issues. II. The Water Situation Nowadays Today, finding water is difficult although it was basic natural source which was easy to find. About 80 countries now have water shortages & 2 billion people face shortage in access to clean water according to World Health Organization (WHO).Also, 1 billion people has lack enough water to simply meet their basic needs. Two most significant dangers to global water stability are the increase in Population & groundwater reduction. In the last century, the human population has by 5 billion. , while the total amount of drinkable water has slightly decreased see figure 1(Alois 1). Figure 1 A. Important Water Facts Water in the earth is divided to 2 parts: 1-seawater has 97% of Water in the earth 2- freshwaterي has3% of Water in the earth, but only
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