Alex Writing Style

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It is a great pleasure to have Alex in class this year. He has proven himself to be a quiet, yet warm and friendly classmate, always willing to extend a helping hand when needed. As a result, he has made many fine friendships in class this year. As a student, Alex is quick to grasp new concepts. He works very hard at all of his assignments, is open to constructive feedback, and is always willing to put in the time and effort to produce his best work. An attentive listener during our class discussions, Alex will frequently volunteer to share his insightful comments and observations with his classmates and teacher, helping to deepen our conversations.
As a reader, Alex makes an active effort to apply the skills and strategies introduced in class to his own independent reading, which is helping him to strengthen his critical thinking skills. He is adept at generating theories about his characters, as well as identifying common themes in his stories,
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He is very conscientious about applying all the writing skills and strategies introduced in class to his own writing pieces, doing so with minimal support. He works very well when studying a mentor text, asking himself the question, "What has this writer done that I might try in my own writing?" While reading Alex’s published personal narrative, where he first learned how to ride a bike, it was clear to the reader the frustration he endured, yet with perseverance he was able to accomplish his goal, teaching himself and the reader in the end that if you believe in yourself and never give up you can succeed. During our expository unit of study on writing persuasive letters, Alex was able to generate clear and concise claims, and with some support was able to identifying strong reasons to support his thinking. Whether writing narratives, or expository pieces, Alex always writes with a clear goal in mind, which has helped him to grow as a
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