Alexander Landie Biography Essay

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ALEXANDER ‘SANDIE’ COOK was born in Point La Nim about 1848. He grew up on the family farm and following his father’s death remained at the farm with his mother, brother, John, and sisters, Cathe-rine and Jane. Alexander’s labours throughout his life revolved around the land and the Restigouche River. When his father passed away, Alexander inherited the farm, rather than his elder brothers. This seems odd considering John, the eldest, remained at the farm for the remainder of his life. The 1901 Canada Census provides a description of the house as it stood dur-ing Alexander’s lifetime: a wooden dwelling with ten rooms also inhabited by Alexander’s siblings, John and Catherine. Presumably, Alexander shared the farm work with his brother. His life was not exclusively spent farming, though. Volunteering with local militia units was quite popular…show more content…
Just after the turn of the century, Alexander married the much younger Mary Catherine Hottot of Campbellton in Restigouche on the 3rd of September 1901. Mary was the daughter of Roman Catholic parents William and Victoria (née Bouthillier) Hottot, born about 1872 in Port-Daniel, Quebec. The pair had a number of children together at Point La Nim: William Herman[C.] in 1902, Beatrice Victorie (anglicised Beatrix Victo-ria)[C.] in 1904 and Evangeline ‘Vangie’[C.] in 1905, Beu-lah[C.] in 1907, Margaret Jane[C.] in 1909, and Florence May[C.] in 1911. They all likely attended Point La Nim’s sole schoolhouse. Alexander and Mary got on well together, but remained divided in their denominations. Alexander went to his church and Mary to hers. The divide was such that the pair were buried in separate sections of the Dalhousie Cemetery. Alexander was apparently a very religious man within the confines of his own household and “always had the Bible
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