Alexander Mcqueen Research Paper

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Alexander McQueen was born on 16th March 1969 in Lewisham, London to Scottish parents. He was the youngest of the six children, he knew from a very young age that he wanted to become a fashion designer, to pursue his interest he started designing clothes for his sisters. McQueen attended the Rockbey School of Art at the age of 16 and left it for an apprenticeship at Anderson & Sheppard before joining theatrical costumers Angels and Burmans, during his apprenticeship period he attended a workshop led by Yuvvone Humble this workshop helped him earn the reputation as an expert in creating an impeccably tailored look. At the age of 20 he travelled to Italy and Milan working for Romeo Gigli, before that he also spent some time working for Koji Tatsuno. McQueen returned to London to…show more content…
1996 (A/W) – Titled Dante the show was staged in a church with reference to his maternal ancestors who moved to east London several centuries ago. 1997 (A/W) – It’s a Jungle Out There explored the relationship between the victim and aggressor in the natural world and uses animal skin and horn to show relation with nature. 1998 (A/W) – Joan , this show was inspired by the brutal murders of the Romanov Dynasty, models wore chain mail sheaths, blood red leather and fabric with prints of Romanov Dynasty. 1999 (S/S) – Number 13 this show sees McQueen challenge the conventional perceptions about beauty, he makes double amputee Paralympics Champion Aimee Mullins his subject, he is supported by Swarovski marking their long-term collaboration. 1999 (A/W) – The Overlook, it is inspired by the isolated snowy landscape in the film The Shining; the show is staged inside a huge snow filled box. 2000 (S/S) – The Eye , he takes inspiration from Islamic and Middle Eastern Cultures, in this show the models are suspended by a rope on a spiked
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