Alexander The Assassination Of Cleopatra Research Paper

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But things started to get worst now and as the marriage of Philip was carried out Cleopatra, who was the general to the infamous general at talus, things become rather difficult for Alexander. But things did not really materialized and Philips was very clear in this regard that it was the Alexander that is trained and groomed for future leadership roles and after Philips, it would be Alexander that would be looking after the affairs . With the assassination of the Philips in 336 BC, the natural progression was kept and Alexander turned out to be the heir of his father. Alexander was proclaimed King by the nobles and army and thus started one of the greatest military eras of all time. Early Days of Kingdom First thing that he did when he came…show more content…
Then he claimed that the whole of the Asia would be conquered by the might of the Macedonian Spear. When one looks at the composition of his army, there were about 7600 Greeks as well as 7,000 Thracians that were involved in the campaign. But the firm control of Macedonian was evident as they were the ones that were commanding all the foreign troops and all the high officials were provided to them . With his might, he defeated Persians at the battle of the Granicus and Macedonian victory was rather fought hard. Then he moved towards Asia Minor. He led his army towards the South towards the Asia minor, and it was ironic that as compared to the Persian states, they were the Greek states and coastal cities that provided the greatest resistance when it comes to the Macedonians cause. The resistance was chiefly caused by Commander Memnon and his advances were considerably slowed down in the wake of the other…show more content…
If one looks at the circumstances when he became a king, they were far from ideal but he is the known as the person that has captured the most land when it comes to the invasion. Other part of his legacy is and why he is important when it comes to the history is due to the fact that he brought the Greek culture to other parts of the world. His era where he had a great influence over the rest of the world is also remembered due to the fact that in his time period, the concept of Hellenistic perspective gained strength . The impact of his legacy can also be assessed from the fact that the areas where he had conquered are still under his influence due to the fact that there are many people, especially in India and Mediterranean that claim that they are the direct descendant of the Alexander. At the same time, his status as the military achieved is stemmed from the fact that during the course of the war, he did not merely passed orders; instead he actively took part in all the battles in the front
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