Alexander The Great: Alexandros III Macedonon

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Alexander, commonly known as “Alexandros III Philippou Makedonon” and “Alexander the Great” lived from 356-323 B.C. was the son of Phillip II of Macedon and Olympias. The combination of his bravery and negotiation skills paved the way for his success and numerous victories. His conquests and interactions with people throughout his life left a mark on the everyday world we live in today. Alexander’s first conquest was in Persia in 334 B.C. He invaded Persia with a large army filled with dedicated men in hopes of obtaining money and restoring Greek cities that had been dominated by the Persians. He knew his chance of victory was higher since the Persian empire was starting to grow weak. He also wanted victory in honor of his late father who…show more content…
The army was being led by three satraps who were waiting for him at the Granicus river. The Persians were confident they were going to defeat Alexander and did not take any precautions to factor in the possibility of loss. Though they appeared to come close to victory by luring Alexander towards them, Alexander did not cave and the Persians lost. Alexander was victorious. It was the start of the decline of Persian power. This caused cities in Asia Minor to became less closed off. Democracies became prevalent and Greek cities were freed from Persian ruling. Most cities were ecstatic to be ruled under a different power. He took control of the old Lydian capital Sardis without struggle. Some cities, such as Miletus, struggled to let go of their prior government ruling which caused him use force to open their…show more content…
Surprisingly, he did not have to fight for Marathus and Aradus because the cities willing gave themselves to be ruled under his power. While trying to conquer Tyre, he endured many barriers which frustrated Alexander. They did not allow him on the island and the people of the islands hid themselves from him in an act of rebellion. Alexander then built a land bridge to have access to the island. The people revolted and tried to fight his army with fail. Alexander was victorious again in July of 332. He raided the island violently and punished the people for not being obedient by selling them into slavery. Alexander conquered Eygpt and was welcomed as their ruler by the Persian satrap and people of Eygpt in November 332. He was viewed in a pharaoh-like way, and he was presented a crown to illustrate the power he now had in the region. He spent the winter of 332-331 in Eygpt. During that time, he discovered the city Alexandria and his supposed origins. Alexandria was located by the Nile and grew to be a successful and well respected city. Alexander also claimed to be the son of Zeus. He told his followers that a well-known oracle told
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