Alexander The Great Was Responsible For Developing World

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During the fourth century, the ancient world was rocked by a dynamic political figure from the unlikely territory of Macedon. Alexander the Great was responsible for developing one of the largest empires the ancient world had ever witnessed. His military campaigns yielded major territorial gains across multiple continents, earning him incredible authority and prestige up to his untimely death. With the Macedonian throne newly vacant, a power vacuum developed as military elites sought to seize control over the empire. Known as the Successors, these individuals worked to build off of the success of Alexander and establish their own dominion over new lands. In their time as monarchs, Alexander and the Successors were responsible for the livelihood of numerous populations, including the Greek world. Alexander and the Successors maintained a strictly political relationship with the Greeks as their monarchs, taking on the responsibilities the kingship demanded.
As a political figure, the ability to win loyalty was crucial to the acquisition of royal power. For this reason, it was necessary for Alexander and the Successors to maintain amicable relations with their Greek citizens. A significant role Alexander and the Successors assumed over the Greeks was military champions. During his military quests Alexander founded numerous cities in his name, adding to his already impressive empire. Since he was incapable of overseeing his vast kingdom by himself, he installed satraps to

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