Alexander The Great 's Life

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Alexander the Great was born on July 20, 356 B.C. in Pella. During his childhood Alexander’s father was actually not around that much. Alexander’s father was usually away fighting with the neighboring nations. However, one very important thing to Alexander’s father and mother was that he was to get an amazing education. While he was young, Alexander’s father hired him a tutor. One of the tutors was Aristotle, who was a very famous Greek Philosopher. When Alexander was only sixteen years old his father believed that Alexander could successfully be in charge of Macedonia until he came back from the campaign. While Alexander was in charge he took on an amazing opportunity and actually defeated the Thracian people. After the defeating of the Thracian people Alexander named a city after himself. The city was called “Alexandroupolis”. During Alexander’s teenage years he and his father ended up becoming very estranged. It got so bad that his mother actually had to exile Epirus. His father was assassinated in 336 B.C. at the celebration that was held for his daughter, Cleopatra, when she got married. After the tragic loss of Alexander’s father, he soon became the King. While he took on power he became someone who had a lot of support including from the Macedonian army and the Greek City States in which Phillip, Alexander’s father, had already conquered. While still in the campaign, Alexander, moved against the Thebes. The Thebes was a city that was in Greece and had actually came up

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