Alexander the Great Outline

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Alexander the Great (356 – 323 BCE) A. Early Life 1. The temple of Diana at Ephesus burned down the day Alexander was born, an omen most that meant that the force that would destroy Asia was born. 2. There was/is a rumor about Alexander’s parentage. Shortly before Olympias, Alexander’s mom, announced she was pregnant (with Alexander), King Philip saw her in bed with a snake. Zeus was commonly known to disguise himself as a snake when he slept with mortal women. Therefore, there was/is a possibility that Alexander was only half-mortal, and that he was not Philip’s son. 3. Alexander tamed the horse Bucephalus, who no other man could tame, when he was a boy. This horse became his, and he rode Bucephalus for most of his…show more content…
The body was sent to Darius’ mother for an honorable funeral, and the traitor Bessus was torn apart by trees. (July 330 BCE) 18. Alexander rested his army in Parthia, then continued on to Bacteria and conquered it. He fell in love with the princess there, Roxane, and married her. 19. Alexander the Great had conquered Persia at last. (328 BCE) D. Death 1. After Alexander’s best friend, Hephaestion, died of a fever (sometime between 324 BCE and May 323 BCE), he went nearly insane with grief. 2. Alexander crucified the doctor who had treated Hephaestion. 3. He ordered the manes and tails of all the animals in his army to be cut off as a sign of mourning. 4. Alexander tore down the walls of cities nearby. 5. He banned all music. 6. Alexander went into the country of the Cossaeans and for no reason completely massacred the entire nation. 7. He spent most of his time going over the plans for Hephaestion’s tomb, eventually traveling to Babylon to meet with the architects. 8. On his way to Babylon, local fortune-tellers prophesied that he would die if he entered the city. Alexander paid no attention, and continued anyways. 9. As he came to the city’s walls, he saw some crows fighting, and some fell by him. But even this (bad) omen couldn’t stop him. 10. Then a donkey kicked his largest lion to death, and one day a man was sitting in Alexander’s throne in a trance. Alexander then lost his
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