Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

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Intrigued with this realm, she continues forward to discover what adventures awaited her through the Mad Hatter’s tea party, and the Queen of Hearts’ court. The connection with Marxism and this novel is how Queen Victoria ruled at the time this story was written, and few believe it reflects upon her times in Victorian England. In addition, the characters all play essential archetypes to portray their social standing and Alice is capable of proving this through her adventures when she changes heights in order to join and belong with each social order.
The Victorian era was the age of paradox and power because of Queen Victoria’s reign and the birth of “Marxism, and other modern movements [that] took form” (Victorian). Karl Marx was intent on changing the world, after all, the Victorian period was a time of great forces, and the Industrial Revolution. “The new middle class, the bourgeoisie, had destroyed the absolute power of the kings. Their loyalty was no longer to their rulers but to their nations and to industrial expansion” (Marxism). However, instead of wealth, the revolution brought hardship and caused the nation to split with “horrifying slums and cramped row housing in the…
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