Alice 's Wonderland : Carbon Copy

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Alice in Wonderland Masterpiece: Carbon Copy Can a perfect Alice movie be made by only mixing and matching aspects of more than one movie? If so, how would it be accomplished? I propose that it can be done and this paper has compile information showing by finding the perfect Alice Character, sticking to the true spirit of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland original story line, incorporating the right visual and special effects, as well as, the best animation, sound, art direction, and the best costumes then by bringing in the top orchestra and casting the most talented (not necessarily the most popular) actors and actresses, that a perfect Alice movie can in fact be made into the masterpiece from which it derived. I would start my process of making the perfect Alice movie, with Jan Svankmajer’s 1988 Czech version. I chose this movie as my starting point for several reasons, (1) the history behind Lewis Carroll’s novel, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and how it all transpired with that boat ride up the Isis, on the fourth of July in 1862. Accompanying Carroll was his friend, Reverend Robinson Duckworth and Henry Liddell’s three daughters; 13-year-old Lorina, Charlotte, 10-year-old Alice Pleasance, and 8-year-old Edith Mary. The group started their journey in Oxford at Folly Bridge where they headed out for a picnic in the village of Godstow. While rowing in the boat, Dodgson entertained the young girls with a story that involved a very bored young girl named Alice who went

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