The Disney Film Version Of Alice

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The Disney film version of Alice in wonderland when compared to the The novel Alice in wonderland by Carroll Lewis, expresses a variety of changes which can alter ideological values. Disney is well known for taking classic stories and fabricating them for a wider audience. This form of fabrication can be beneficial, especially in regards to creating various messages that are intended to be perceived by audiences. Other instances the changes are small and less note worthy. The images left out by Disney alter the ideologies that are expressed. Much of the Disney film version is quite consistent with the book, with the addition of certain aspects added from Alice through the looking glass. One crucial alteration added to the Disney film version is the implication that Alice created wonderland; “why in my world cats and rabbits would reside in fancy houses (Disney).” As seen in the first scene when Alice is singing to herself. This crucial addition to the Disney film version of Alice in wonderland changes overall themes of the film. It introduces the stresses Alice is dealing with, and her strategy to cope with these strategies. Alice uses wonderland as a form of escapism to avoid social constructs, which ultimately allows for growth. The pressures of society can apply an overwhelming strain on individuals. In particular, girls. The visual appearance of Alice in the Disney film version is slightly altered from the novel. In the Disney film Alice appears to be a young lady of

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