Aliens Gender Roles : Enchaned By Cyborgs

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Alien Notes- Cyborgs Exosuit. Aliens Gender Roles: Enchaned by cyborgs . Nobody believes her. Even the other woman smoking cigarette in suit. Man recoomends her for psychiotiatric evaluation. Liutenant Gorman Colonial Marine Core LV 126. Lost contact with colony. Colonial Marines-trained to deal with situations. Soldiers. Have lots of firepower “can handle any situation.” They want Ripley as an advisor. Ripley seems to be in charge. Burke trying to convince Ripley. Has nightmares and contacts Burke. Says she will only go back if they agree to “wipe them out” not just study them” Marine car hyper exaggerated how tough they are. Girls are like men. “Who’s snow white” referring to ripley. Acting like vasquex is so tough. Tells manly joke is like one of the guys. Doing pull ups, super tough. The marines tell super innapropriate jokes, really offensive to act super tough. Bishop- Android. Begas the marines to not do 5 finger felay. Marines so tough they play 5 finger felay with bishop how sharp he is. Android- Prefers term articial person. A2’s were a bit twitchy. Impossible to harm another human being. Reason he can’t hurt guy in 5 finger felay. Ripley is distrusting of Androids. Marines smoking ciagreets during Ripley’s speech. Vasquez looking bored of Ripley. Ignores her details and once to find the aliens only, acts tough. Hudson speaks out against own military officer again emphasizing his toughness. Challenges his authority. Ripley asks if there’s

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