Alive Nando Parrado

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Anyone whose goal is something higher must expect sacrificing something bigger to achieve that goal. In life we have to take our goals and expand them and by doing so there are many sacrifices you have to do in order to obtain those goals. Sacrifices are all around us, some are bigger than others, making the goal higher and harder to get, but with a positive outlook and no fear in failing everybody can accomplish anything. When your own life is your goal than the risks are all you can take. It is important for the reader to learn that there are scarifies an individual must make to attain goals because one will become more successful in completing their goals resulting in self achievement.

In the story, Alive Nando Parrado, Roberto
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The world does not dictate if a man sacrifices his life for someone else and God doesn’t either.

Another character that shows certain personality’s can help to achieve certain goals was Nando, Even though he had lost his mother and his sister in the plane crash he still manage to put his stubbornness aside and inspire the others to stay positive and keep trying even when they feel like there is no hope. Nando sacrificed his life in hope to find rescues for the lives of many others. He encourage them to climb the mountain and even when Canessa was doubting that they will make it Nando’s goal was” if we do were going to die walking”. Nando showed his success by believing in everyone and himself; he made others believe in hopefulness. He was successful because he never gave up, he would rather die walking than die not trying at all, by seeing the mountains without snow made him comprehend he’s that much closer to attaining his goals and those sacrifices he made were the right thing to do because a life without trying is no life at all. Nando personality is what saved Canessa from giving up along with many others, his stubbornness helped him accomplish his goal because he kept pushing himself up the mountain and always had an encouraging thought. Nando is an example of someone who shows leadership making he gets to the top; goals are sometimes high, but with a little push from others around you

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