All Men Are Created Equal

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It’s not surprising that a nation, built under the principal of “all men are created equal”, would discriminate against women. In today’s society, the traditional roles, values, and thoughts placed upon women from prehistoric times still play a central part in the inequality women face every day. The day I no longer have to worry about what I’m wearing will label me as a “slut,” is the day that women will be thought of as more than just sexual objects. The day I can be praised for my brains instead of my beauty, it the day men and women will be considered equal. This is the future I hope to foster. This is the future where the line “all men are created equal” means all humans and not just men.
Since the start of the agricultural revolution, social structure has moved from egalitarian to patriarchal. Men were stronger, and thus more valuable to handle the labor of farming, while women were left to take care of the house and children. Even though in the past fifteen years society has made great leaps towards equality, society is still far from egalitarian. The oppressive traditional roles from the Neolithic era are still shoved down a woman’s throat from an early age. A woman is expected to stay at home and raise the kids, instead of going off to work and leave the kids with a nanny. The essay, “Turkey’s in the Kitchen”, highlights how women are trained to work in the kitchen, whereas, most men are inept when it comes to anything cooking related. School systems

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