All Of The Turmoil In The Community

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The Victims for all of the Turmoil in the Community

What if you needed to escape your home so you can protect someone with a strong relationship in dreadful situations? That later, both of you hide on a unfamiliar place, you fought with another gang, and later your best buddy dies. This strongly connects to one of S. E. Hinton’s famous novels, The Outsiders. This complex novel it’s about how two gangs, the Greasers and the Socs hate each other. It contains challenges that both gangs faced, including some death situations. In the novel, The Outsiders, the gang that had caused all of the turmoil and conflict in the community are the Socials. The Socs are liable for all of the melee because they started to jumped Ponyboy, which later created a dispute between Ponyboy and Darry. Meanwhile Ponyboy started to walk from the movie theater, the Socs spotted him, which later then, they jumped him, and he explained, “They had my arms and legs pinned down and one of them was sitting on my chest with his knees on my elbows…”(page 5). This evidence shows how the actions of the Socs, can later create a ghastly moment for the Greasers. If this event didn’t happened, then the Socs would have might stop creating more tumult with the Greaser. Meanwhile Ponyboy told how he got jumped by the Socs, Darry interrupted saying, “You must …show more content…

Some readers might point out that Ponyboy was in loved with Socs girls, which made Bob jealous. After a close analysis, readers recognize that the Socs started the fight on the park, which made Ponyboy and Johnny fled out of their home. Others might point out that Ponyboy stated what a Socs is, and then spit at them, which later the Socs started a huge dispute. After a close analysis, Johnny needed to protect Ponyboy and needed to self-defense, but didn’t had time to protect himself, so he killed Bob to save his best buddy. In

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