All Races And Skin Colors

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Life education would be filled with students who are diverse in physical appearance first and foremost. It would be a place that would teach children that they could be independent in all aspects of life. It would be a place where children always feel safe and welcome. It would not be an institution solely used to emphasize discipline and obedience skills that factory owners wanted in their workers in the 1800’s. Children would be free to question anything they like in an appropriate, respectful and timely manner. Students would be of all races and skin colors. Complete integration of all students would be the norm. This would be strongly implemented for the children during their first years in this learning environment. The sooner they are exposed to other human beings of different features their age the better. Racism would not stand the chance of poisoning the young minds of children. That nuisance would be nipped in the bud right away to eliminate the misery that comes with racism. Racism lead to oppression and oppression in education will always put a strangle hold on the growth of any society. It distracts people and children from more important things.

At Life education it would be okay to question anything without fear. I envision a learning environment where students are encouraged to learn and explore their creativity whenever possible. True skills would be learned in this environment after the age of 10. Skills ranging from basic farming, carpentry, finance…

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