All The Arcades Of The World

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“Of all the arcades in the world, she had to walk into mine. Tina, the only person who could beat me at Pacman, back to prove it again.”(Hill 3 Feb). The very short story spoke to me about love and I felt my heart ache. Of all the hearts in the world, she had to walk into his. He’s a player and the only one that could beat him at his own game is Tina. The man, however, uses the arcade game Pacman to hide his feelings and frustration toward Tina. Unlike most scenarios Tina is playing with what I’m assuming is, a man’s heart once again maybe for her own pleasure. I feel as if this would be a start to a romantic novel as it starts with “Of all the arcades in the world, she had to walk into mine.” (Hill 3 Feb.) If you simply replace arcade with heart you can see the romance the author is feeling, the love struck feeling. In a way I feel as if the first sentence reveals the gender of the author as males typically hide their feelings and this seems to be a man in love. The author puts Tina as a person of importance as she is the starting point of the second sentence and the sentence reveals she has the power to beat him/her, thus the author values her. I feel as if the two sentences suffice and allows a reader to imagine the rest of the story. Also, the size of the work allows for some mystery as the audience doesn’t truly know what the author means, so it’s left for one’s own thoughts. Thus, I would consider this to be a work of literature as any piece of writing is no matter

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