Aloha Descriptive Speech

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“Aloha i ka honua Kulana Ailani Kai ”. My name literally means famed chief from water and for as long as I can remember, I always adored the ocean and was drawn to it at an early age. It was my calling and I knew it. The bright, deadly ocean was home. The smell of saltiness brings me a sense of everlasting serenity. Looking at the gentle currents engages me even more. How can it be that something so beautiful can be disastrous? A grand ocean so fascinating yet genuinely frightening is exciting. To be able to control my movements against the powerful waves of nature is exhilaration at its finest. To control how I use the wave, to be in control brings a triumph emotion every time. “Kulana”, shouted my mother. I could sit on the ocean waves all day and stare at the great horizons and the infinite miles of sinister blue water. The mysteriousness it throws at me, the unanswered questions, and… “Kulana! ‘O ka manawa kēia eʻai ai”! My thoughts are interrupted by the screams of my mother calling me to eat. Like always, I have to leave my peaceful kingdom and head to destruction-- our house. My brother, the loudest of the bunch, loves to be as loud as humanly possible knowing it bothers me. “KULANA”!!!!!!! Speaking of him, there he is now, screaming at the top of his almighty lungs. “KULANA! ALOHA MY SISTER! I missed your little nugget head” he says as he gives me a noogie. “Kai! I was outside for thirty minutes. You’ll live. But aloha to you too”. My father and mother,

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