Alter The Shape Of A Loaded Member And Explain The Possible

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alter the shape of a loaded member and explain the possible effect of excessive stress on a structural member. Annotated sketches are essential.
A large derelict building is to be converted into industrial storage. The building contains an external hoist that was used to raise loads to the top floor of the structure. The building appears structurally secure but the local planning office requires evidence of some structural calculations before awarding planning permission.
To the right is an image of a building with an external hoist that has a safety mesh guard around where the cable lifts. The hoist may be used to carry materials or objects from a lower floor of a building to a higher up floor within the building which may …show more content…

A parallel force includes at least two forces where all lines of action are parallel.

(c) Explain the difference between point loads and uniformly distributed loads. Include annotated pictorial diagrams
Point Load - In the field of engineering, a point load is a load applied to a single, specific point on a structural member. It is also known as a concentrated load, and an example of it would be a hammer hitting a single nail into a beam.
Uniformly Distributed Load - A UDL, or a uniformly distributed load, has a constant value, for example, 1kN/m; hence the "uniform" distribution of the load. Each uniformly distributed load can be changed to a simple point force that can be used to determine the stresses in an object. A uniformly distributed load can be drawn by using arrows and lines. First, the vectors must be drawn along where the load acts and must be connected with tails. A single line must connect the vectors together and represent the force point. The line should be horizontal.

What is the difference between a Point Load and a Uniformly Distributed Load?
A point load is a load which acts over a small distance. Because of concentration over small distance this load may be considered as acting on a point. Point load is denoted by P and symbol of point load is arrow heading downward whereas a distributed load is one that acts over a considerable length or you can say “over a length which is

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