Alternative Air Pollution

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People all around the world need to reduce the amount of carbon emissions that they release into the air. Plenty of the emissions are created by fossil fuels. According to Glenn Anderson, a member of the National Conference of State Legislatures, “Most C[O.sub.2] emissions come from the combustion of fossil fuel--for heating, electricity generation and transportation" (Anderson 20). The CO2 emissions not only come from cars, they also come from generators to produce electricity. Heating is also a big factor in the emissions. There are so many factories, such as NIPSCO, that will burn fuel in order to produce electricity for a city. While this company uses energy saving bulbs and equipment, they still burn fuels to create and produce the electricity. Scientists are continuing to understand more about climate change, finding alternative energy sources can be an important factor in reducing climate change. A book called Issues in Science and Technology states, "Scientific understanding of climate change has improved markedly, policy has advanced at the state level and internationally, and the portfolio of climate-friendly energy technologies that will be needed to maintain modern society has expanded" (Friedman 55). Many scientists are finding out more about climate change, and it is helping with the solution. A great quantity of them believe that the climate change can stop if people will start to use alternative energy sources. One of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of

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