Alternative Medicine Controversy: Traditional Healthcare Practices

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Alternative medicine is novel to many western healthcare practices today, however its roots date back to more than 5000 years ago. The origin of alternative medicine is difficult to illustrate because it has influences from many diverse cultures including indigenous populations in the Americas and European civilians such as Romans and Greeks. However, many historians credit the Eastern traditions such as Ancient Chinese, Ancient Indian, and Ancient Egyptian practices as the true pioneers to alternative medicine as we see today. Alternative medicine has transversed to the West as many healthcare practices are in the pursuit of integrating eastern medicine ideals to their already established western medicine. However, how do these practices…show more content…
Practice can refer to the location or action which offers medicine---For example, a dance is the platform for which a choreography is displayed. Similariyly, a practice is a platfrom for which a medicine(s) is displayed. In Indian practices, ayervedy is the medicine practiced. In this case, the location and action of utilizing ayervedic medicine are both practices. However, these terminologies get trickt because Ayurveda can be used as both medicine and practice in different context. While Ayurveda is an example of Indian medicine, it can also refer to an Indian practice that offers medicine like natural herbs. Thereofre, often times “practice” and “medicine” are used interchangeably, however for the purpose of this paper, medicine would refer to the “choreography” that makes the “dance” or practice. With these definitons, Alternative medicine should actually be Alternative practice since it makes use of many medicinial and salutary Medicine is the treatment that is offered and medicinal is curative properties of medicine, For example, doctors practice medicine and prescribe medications to offer medicinal effects to patients. For the sake of this paper, I will be referring to Alternative medicine as it is conventionally
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