Essay on Alternatives to Prison

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Alternatives to Prison

Prisons, facilities maintained for confining people convicted of committing crimes, were used to rehabilitate offenders while keeping them isolated from the community. The Quakers built the first prison in 1790 in order to seclude criminal offenders from society to think about their wrongdoing and to seek forgiveness in a kind, and spiritual environment. (Inciardi 497)

Currently, there are three types of prisons within the Federal, State, and County governments. These are categorized by the degree of security they provide. Minimum security prisons, which are also known as county jails, provide minimal supervision. These jails are generally used as holding cells for offenders awaiting trial or release.
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221) "The world's highest incarceration rate has seesawed in recent years between the Untied States and Russia, with both far outdistancing other nations". ("Get Tough" 24) Consequently, " the United States finds itself in the midst of an unparalleled prison building boom". (Holmes 3)

Overcrowding occurs when prisoners are forced to share cramped cells with many different prisoners. This has always been a problem for prisons and it continues to be a serious, escalating problem. It contributes to brutal prison violence between other prisoners and guards, therefore, lowering the effectiveness of rehabilitation and security within the prison. According to a Justice Department report released in January 1997, “U.S. Prisons and jails held more than 1,630,000 people in mid 1996, more than double the number from the mid 1980’s” (“Get Tough” 24). As of 1993, federal prisons had a rated design to hold 59,849 people, in which the average capacity is 136% of that amount. (Jacobs et al. 108) This doesn’t include prisoners sent to local jails due to overcrowding.

Federal and State governments have been searching for successful alternatives to prison because of the severity of overcrowding and costs. The effectiveness of the available alternatives is competitive to incarceration. Many violent and repeat offenders are released early from prison due to the overcrowding problems.(Smolowe 56) It seems more sensible to keep the violent offenders in prison than those
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