Essay about Alzheimer’s Disease

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Alzheimer’s Association (2010) explains that Alzheimer’s disease is a brain’s disease which affects the way people think, remember and behave. Finally, people living with Alzheimer’s do not know themselves; do not able to perform everyday activities, which means that they always have to be under control. All of these are caused by improper function of the brain. This disease leads to the death. Nowadays, the 7th cause of death in United States of America is Alzheimer’s disease. There is no method of curing yet, but it was proved that life of people living with the disease and caregivers can become better if good care and aid are provided during the whole period of the illness (Alzheimer’s Association, 2010). It…show more content…
For instance, if paid care is decreased it means that amount of unpaid care from caregiver will increase. Likewise, if a person living with Alzheimer’s disease is more provided with formal care it will reduce informal care of caregivers (Montgomery and Kosloski, 2009, 56). According to Alzheimer’s Association (2010) seventy percent of total number of people living with Alzheimer’s disease are not institutionalized which means that they are provided with care of caregivers. Montgomery and Kosloski (2009, 47-48) claimed that caregivers must be provided with aid in order not to stop looking after people living with Alzheimer’s disease. It is apparent that caring necessitate much time, which can have effect on a caregiver’s personal life (job, relationship with friends and etc.). Providing caregivers with help required much effort and it is not an easy task. Many interventions have not taken into account that every caregiver is unique. Different services such as ‘educational programs, counseling, support groups, and respite services’ have been used (ibid,47). However, many caregivers refuse the supports, but the amount which was achieved in supporting services is considered to be useful for caregivers. Many support providers complain that caregivers do not use the services very much, because they think that they are not beneficial. This can apply
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