Amani And Jins Character Analysis

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Since my last reflection, many things have changed in the Rebel of the Sands. So far, there has not been anymore new themes from either the Wild West or Arabian Nights. There has only been a continuation of previous themes like trains, guns, swords, sheemas, cowboy hats, etc. In addition to the Wild West and Arabian Nights themes, I think that there are more realistic themes from the modern world. One of the more realistic elements are bombs. Amani and Jin talk about the bombs that destroyed cities and killed many people. It is one of the sadder elements present in the book. I still have connections with the book. Both Amani and I have matured, become more responsible, and have grown more as a person. Amani has grown throughout the book. …show more content…

My earlier prediction that Jin was the Rebel Prince was wrong. His brother was the Rebel Prince. However, my prediction that the compass had a more magical meaning was right. The compass was created as a pair. It’s needle was always pointed in the direction of it’s other half. My prediction that someone would die in Fahali wasn’t wrong, but it was someone that we had never met previously. I predict that Shazad will teach Amani how to use swords and train extremely well. I feel like Noorsham will die trying to correct the wrongs that he finally realized he committed. He will probably realize that the things Amani were saying were true and that the Sultan was just using Noorsham to further his agenda. I think that Jin and Amani will finally make up and will declare their feelings for one another. I also have a feeling that someone else will die before the end of the book; it might be Commander Naguib because others have already threatened to kill him. The threats against Naguib life might be foreshadowing. One more prediction I have, is that Amani’s power will be fire. I think this because she didn’t get burned by Noorsham, she says that she is fueled with fire, Jin compared her blue eyes to the hottest fire, and because the girl on the cover is holding a ball of

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