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Constantin Stanislavski
He always asked “What would I do if I were in this situation,” He teaches actors how to act in a “true-to-life” human physiology. He taught to observe people. everyone has a different personality actors can adapt other traits from other people to their character. Stanislavski also teaches “What is my character’s motivation,” a question to ask for all of your actions on stage to give your character a purpose for reacting the way he/she does. He is known for teaching emotional memory which begs actor to experience the emotions that their character feels, whether it be pain, sadness, happiness, or whatever emotion you’re trying to portray. However if the actor is incapable of replicating these emotions with ease, they are asked to reach into their past and pull from the emotions that they’ve experienced and use them onstage. He wants the emotions they portray onstage to be aucharacter entirely, you use the ever so famous “Emotional memory” which will really grasp the audiences attention. Lee Strasberg
Lee Strasberg revolutionized the art of acting because of his immense influence on performance in American theatre and movies. He trained countless people including Anne Bancroft, Dustin Hoffman, and James Dean at his workshop in New York. He gained a reputation with the Theater Guild of New York and helped form the Group Theater in New York in 1931. There he created a technique which became known as "the teaching strategy " or "teaching strategy

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