Amazon : An Electronic Commerce And Cloud Computing Company

1114 Words Jan 31st, 2016 5 Pages, Inc., simply known as Amazon, in general is the biggest online retailer all over the world. It is an electronic commerce and cloud computing company in the United States, founded in 1994. Its headquarter locates in Seattle, Washington. Jeff Bezos, the founder and the current CEO, picked Amazon as the name of the company because the word represents a place where it is exotic and different and also because the Amazon River is the biggest river all over the world. Its headquarter locates in Seattle, Washington. At the beginning of its history, Amazon positioned itself as online bookseller. Gradually with the development, Amazon expanded its business to the retail of DVDs, CDs, video games, various kinds of software, electronic items, furniture and so on, almost covering all fields of retail goods. Now, Amazon is not only a online retailer, but also a manufacturer of electronic items such as Kindle, Fire TV and Fire tablets [1].
20 years ago, by discovering the shortage of physical store, Bezos founded Amazon. Currently, in order to establish more direct communication and reaction with customers, Amazon began to open physical bookstore to serve customers better. Amazon always puts customer satisfaction as its first priority, making itself the marketing leader all the time [2]. Amazon surpassed Walmart in 2015, becoming the most valuable retailer in United States based on market capitalization. Amazon’s mission is to provide customers with the best online shopping…
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